Volume 01, No.1 | August 01, 2022

JULY 27, 2022 | MAIN

As we’ve been digging deeper into this space we’ve noticed that there’s a new kind of metaverse citizen evolving with us in real-time – someone who loved the curator-first realness of Tumblr and culture blogs circa 2012 but also wants to wild out in Web3 and dive headfirst into the unknown future that we all are co-creating together.

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Are you the sort of person who hates waiting in line and loves getting first dibs on the hottest drops and collectibles?

The IMPOSSIBLE Pass guarantees you early access to all upcoming drops/collections — plus IRL events and much more. It’s being offered now in limited quantities and once they are gone, they are gone.

Imagine snapping a few casual flicks of your best friend from high school shredding on guitar during a lunch time jam session, only to have him go on to be one of the most famous and most iconic musicians of all time.

That’s exactly what happened to photographer, music historian, and unofficial sixth member/Day One supporter of Guns ‘N’ Roses Marc Canter, whose seminal photo book Reckless Road: Guns ‘N’ Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction captured intimate and raw images of Slash and his bandmates prior to their meteoric rise to fame in 1987.

In the coming months, ORIGYN will release a detailed overview of the ORIGYN NFT.

While the forthcoming white paper will provide a 360-degree overview of the ORIGYN NFT, let’s take a sneak peek at some of the major problems this standard will address, while also pushing the boundaries of how NFTs are experienced.

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