Kulipari Battlions x IMPOSSIBLE THINGS

Kulipari Battalions

IMPOSSIBLE THINGS (@IMPOSSIBLE_NFT), the soon-to-launch NFT marketplace offering some of the world’s most desirable and culturally-relevant collectables, will be partnering with the popular animated series Kulipari Battalions: (@jointhekulipari), an ever-expanding TV, film, gaming, and NFT empire founded by former NFL star Trevor Pryce based on the concept of anthropomorphic superhero frogs. 

Kulipari Battalions x IMPOSSIBLE THINGS has big plans for the Metaverse and Web3. We will be transporting viewers into an immersive and imaginative world where Gecko tribes, fearless frogs, and sinister scorpions and spiders all battle it out for survival using their brains, their brawn, and of course their mystical superpowers.