Welcome to IMPOSSIBLE Times


As we’ve been digging deeper into this space we’ve noticed that there’s a new kind of metaverse citizen evolving with us in real-time – someone who loved the curator-first realness of Tumblr and culture blogs circa 2012 but also wants to wild out in Web3 and dive headfirst into the unknown future that we all are co-creating together. 

Our hypothesis is that someone is YOU. We see you out there, wanting to beautify your feeds (and by extension, your “real life”) with dope images of vintage cars and culture heroes like Andy Warhol and Kobe Bryant and vibey European brutalist chairs. We know that it’s possible to be way deep into Web3 and not be a geek. We also know that it’s cool to be a geek with an eye for aesthetics and an appetite to consume culture in whatever forms it takes. Tech stuff? Cool! Sneakers? Yes! Impossible animals? Sure! Everything is fair game and it’s all good. 

In the next few months, you can expect us to regularly fill this space with all manner of things we think will surprise, delight, and inspire you. This could mean everything from up-to-the-minute market trends from team to screengrabs of iconic Nikes (hello Air Tech Challenge IV in kiwi!) to deeply reported pieces on Babe Ruth and the history of the Louisville Slugger to quick snacky bits of dopamine juicing goodness in the form of super short form pictorials. So yeah, you can expect some words, lots of pictures, and an all-around IMPOSSIBLE vibe that we hope speaks to your interests and passions. 

We appreciate you being here in this community and want to hook you up with as much relevant information and positive stimulation as we can. 

We are all living in some truly IMPOSSIBLE Times – might as well make them as beautiful and fun as we can, right?! 

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