Legends of Rock: The First 50 Gigs NFT Collection presents SLASH

SLASH Fairfax HS

IMPOSSIBLE THINGS and The First 50 Gigs NFT Collection are proud to present this mega rare 1/1 NFT featuring Guns ‘N’ Roses guitar legend and cultural icon Slash.

Do you want this amazing collectible?

Of course you do! (you have to jump through a hoop first. SO sorry about that, we’re working on that).

In order to bid on this item you will need the crypto currency ICP and a wallet called Plug. Learn how to get ICP and install the Plug wallet HERE using this handy step by step guide. 

Ok, on to the story.

Imagine snapping a few casual flicks of your best friend from high school shredding on guitar during a lunch time jam session, only to have him go on to be one of the most famous and most iconic musicians of all time.

That’s exactly what happened to photographer, music historian, and unofficial sixth member/Day One supporter of Guns ‘N’ Roses Marc Canter, whose seminal photo book Reckless Road: Guns ‘N’ Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction captured intimate and raw images of Slash and his bandmates prior to their meteoric rise to fame in 1987.

This 1/1 NFT of Slash playing with his band Tidus Sloan at Fairfax High School in 1982 not only captures Slash performing in public for the first time, it also contains exclusive audio content from that gig, representing the earliest known audio of the rock icon playing guitar in front of an audience.

“There was a pretty good crowd there. Slash went to Fairfax High School so everyone knew what they were seeing. Because it was outdoors and on a big stage, the show felt like a stadium concert,” says Canter, foreshadowing a dream of Slash’s that would become a reality for him just a few short years later. As a fun fact, a few riffs from the show would later wind up making their way into the studio recording of “Paradise City.”

In celebration of the 35th anniversary (to the day!) of the release of Appetite For Destruction on July 21st, The First 50 Gigs is proud to partner with IMPOSSIBLE THINGS to make this visual and audio content of Slash’s first-ever public performance available for the first time ever in this insanely rare 1/1 NFT.

The auction will begin on July 21st at 3PM PT at Marc Canter’s First 50 Gigs photo exhibition and will end on July 23rd at 3PM PT, which also happens to be Slash’s birthday.

The starting bid for the auction will start at 15 ICP, with each bid increasing by a minimum of 1CP.

The winner of the auction will receive the photo image of the NFT, as well as the exclusive audio content, making this an IMPOSSIBLE dream come true for any collector and pop culture enthusiast.

Don’t miss your chance to own what you love and be on the lookout for more NFTs and brand experiences very soon!

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