Are you the sort of person who hates waiting in line and loves getting first dibs on the hottest drops and collectibles?

The IMPOSSIBLE Pass guarantees you early access to all upcoming drops/collections — plus IRL events and much more. It’s being offered now in limited quantities and once they are gone, they are gone.

As part of our mission to lower the barrier to entry for anyone looking to get involved in the NFT space, we created the IMPOSSIBLE Pass as a way to ensure that our community never misses their chance to collect what they love.

When you have an IMPOSSIBLE Pass you get first dibs on every collection we drop, not to mention access to a whole slew of cool events all across the world.

The idea was to create a new sort of hybrid space where NFT could meet IRL. Who knows what sorts of cool projects could come about when different IMPOSSIBLE Pass holders connect? You might find your next business partner or bandmate or investor.

And even if that’s not the case, you can rest assured you will never wait in line or be on the outside of any offering or happening that occurs within the IMPOSSIBLE Universe. Once you are in, you’re IN!

Join now. Your future self will be glad that you did.
Don’t miss your chance to join the IMPOSSIBLE THINGS marketplace community at the highest level.

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