Octopuses Intelligent

Eight Is Great

We can’t say for sure if octopi are descended from aliens but for a creature that has no skeleton and no culture (?!) of passing knowledge from parent to child, these creatures are like genius-level smart.

Keith Haring


There’s a lot of perks to being spectacularly prosperous but one of the rarest megabucks moments of all time has to go to the folks who purchased an 8M loft in Tribeca only to discover that it contained an original Keith Haring mural near its private elevator entrance.  



A Preview In the coming months, ORIGYN will release a detailed overview of the ORIGYN NFT. While the forthcoming white paper will provide a 360-degree overview of the ORIGYN NFT, let’s take a sneak peek at some of the major problems this standard will address, while also pushing the boundaries of how NFTs are experienced. Storage One well-recognized limitation for...

King Pleasure NYC

Art As Life

If you are a Basquiat junkie (no pun intended) you’ve probably already binged out on all the vintage JMB footage available on YouTube and checked out Boom For Real, the 2017 documentary covering the artist’s turbulent, pre-fame late teenage years. Suffice to say, there’s not a lot of info about the downtown legend that hasn’t already been captured and released...

Nike Impossible Kicks

Wild Kicks

In a post Virgil Abloh (RIP) sneaker culture, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between bootlegs, authentic interpolations of legendary silhouettes, and newly abstracted releases that are intentionally designed to let you know that “something’s off.” It’s complicated.